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Jun 20, - Tracy Kiss rose to fame as a glamour model on the pages of the Daily Star, but she has become better known as the woman who uses semen as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Since April this year, she has been rubbing her friend's spunk into her face and recording the success of the treatment on her blog. Is Using Sperm Facial Good for Skin Treatment Estelle. Age: 29. How would you spend time with me? rnWould you start with glass of champagne, nice conversation, relaxing shower after everyday stress Gone are the days of chain-smoking sun bed worshipping as anti-ageing is gradually focusing its attention upon prevention rather than cure. Semen contains lots of nutrients wich are probably not yet fully discoverd and maybe never will. Jul 21, - How meta. There's even evidence that a sperm facial can do everything from improving your smile to making your skin look younger and feel softer. Take a look below at some of the pretty bizarre things you never knew you could do with sperm. And yeah, I bet male scientists were thrilled to share this news. Sasha. Age: 26. I am a beautiful blonde Russian girl living in Moscow, Classy, sensual, well-educated, well travelled Lady Semen/Sperm Facial Mask Oct 5, - "miracle broth." That sounds like that gross thing we were talking about yesterday. I'll give you ten bucks if you rub sperm into your face and blog about it. I'd totally do it but I'm single. BDJ: Isn't sperm actually supposed to be good for the skin? I think I read that somewhere But, knowing my crap memory. Apr 10, - One girl I slept with did this but I was freaked out because she locked herself in the bathroom with my cum. I thought she was trying to get pregnat or something so I kicked the door open and she was just rubbing it on her face. How funny, he thought she was being a psycho but she was just having a sperm.

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Mellanie. Age: 25. Hello Gentlemen as you can see from my pics in a sexy British blonde I'm a genuine friendly person Nov 30, - Week One, July 1–July 8, CUM CHEEK: First off, it's weird to stand in front of the mirror in the morning and rub a load into your cheek, and it feels strange going out with cum on my face. The cum side feels kind of strained, like the way you feel when you've been in salt water for too long. It does seem. Nov 26, - Beauty blogger Tracy Kiss says sperm facials have cured her rosacea and you should try it too. Watch This Woman Rub Semen On Her FACE! . Her: "hey neighbor! Can blow a load in this little cup so I can rub it all over my face!?" That is disgusting and how does a person talk a person down the street. Mar 21, - Keen to find out one of the weirdest beauty tips? Sperm facials. That's facials of sperm. Rubbing actual sperm on your face for the purposes of beauty. Then the video ended and I remembered she was asking me to scoop up jizz and lather it on my face. So, probably not. Apparently sperm has something.


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