Walking and peeing

i'm going to file this under "entertainment". Peeing while walking in the house - Great Dane Forums Franceska. Age: 27. I am wonderful beauty immediately inspired Pet under the chin, not on top of the head. Leaking urine while performing your daily activities, including walking, can be a cause of embarrassment and concern. If this occurs on a regular Only use this technique to determine the location of these muscles; afterward, you should practice Kegel exercises at times when you are not urinating. Squeeze the muscles. Candice. Age: 30. Only outcall Walking and peeing at the same time. May 3, - If your dog is an excited pee-er, they they'll pee when they're walking if they're excited. However, if your dog seems to not appear excited and simply can't control his or her bladder, it is very possible they could have a urinary tract infection. That would more than likely be the first sign. If you start to see blood. Oct 19, - Just seen a guy in pure daylight walking and urinating at the same time. Living in the city you see some sick stuff. So, lets name some sick stuff.

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Georgie. Age: 19. I Love to smile, and goof around I'm a really down to earth person with lots of love to give and spunk Question. Walking I pee a little bit and coughing I pee a lot. What can I do? just started today I do feel sick. I'm peeing myself just today when I cough and walk and I don't feel I have to go I do feel sick. Answer. Your experience of an urinary incontinence is not an uncommon phenomenon and I recommend consulting with. Jun 7, - I'm only laughing because I understand your pain and confusion. I don't know how you train your dog, where you got her from, or how old she was when you got her, but what the two of you are suffering from/through is called submissive urination. When she piddles (walk-and-pee) it's her letting you know. Oct 8, - Sometimes he gives no warning, and just walks around and pees. He doesn't lift his leg, or squat, just pees. If it was in a specific spot I'd say he's marking, if it was by the door I'd say my fault I missed it, but its just where ever. Just walkin and peein. Anyone have any thoughts? Suggestions? Methods?


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