Cat fat pouch swinging

My cat has a huge pendulous pooch. Watch the video of my cat running while her belly swings. Run Mayor. Why Does my Cat Have a Flabby Belly? Katy. Age: 22. *Talented with oral Floppy belly pouch, is this normal? The vet laughed and told me to try to keep Wee from free feeding so much. Nov 19, - Why do cats have these saggy, hanging bellies that swing from side to side as they go about their business? One common myth is that this excess flab Aging may also cause the pouch to increase in size as the cat's metabolism slows down and it starts to store excess fat. The pouch may also appear to be. Katerina. Age: 30. We can meet and play in bucharest and will also travel in europe. Your access to this site has been limited Aug 11, - As your cat walks by, you can't help but notice what looks like a flabby belly that seems to sway with every step he takes. Does all that loose skin mean he's fat or out of shape? Has your mighty feline hunter gone soft? Not at all. That loose flap of skin and fat on his belly is called the primordial pouch and it. If you've got more than one cat, you may have noticed how they kick at each other's stomachs when they're fighting. That's just play, but the tactic is the means by which they kill prey. Cats have belly fat, like most animals, to protect their viscera. All domestic cats have a loose flap of skin, often called the primordial pouch.

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Dakota. Age: 26. If you're looking for a very discreet and special encounter with a elegant girl then you've just found what you were looking for. Jul 11, - Have you ever noticed that many cats, even those that don't seem to be particularly overweight, develop a saggy, hanging belly? Unlike most dogs that generally have firm bellies, this pouch of saggy skin just in front of the rear legs is common in cats and can often be seen swinging merrily from side to side. Apr 21, - On her check up a a month or so after the spaying, the vet said she looked fine. It is now about three months later and she's nearly a year old. I am noticing that she has a swinging belly. I'm not sure if it is just belly fat or what. It does kind of feel like fluid. Her sister, Sally, healed just fine and has a flat belly. Jan 30, - I have seen old cats who sort of have a pouch hanging down but with Marcel you can't see anything you can just feel when he's standing. When my female had her first litter, the studs owner came to see them and laughed because they "had their father fat pockets" The mother has a little one, but my.


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