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Nov 2, - Thanks for the A2A Alec, although you might be a little disappointed. For me? Most of the time I can't feel it. Don't get me wrong, I know completely when my partner's climaxing, his legs clench together, if I'm not on top he thrusts harder and faster, groans and has the sexiest cum face.. But the actual ejaculation I don't  What is the correct way of ejaculation inside the vagina to get. Can Women Feel Ejaculation And Enjoyment? Inside & Outside Tracy. Age: 25. hi guys im lovely im in the nyc area, i live in the bronx and im looking t meet now A blanketing statement isn't good. At the same time, we should also note that a particular woman may feel her partner ejaculate inside of her at one time, but not another time. Jan 24, - stenikeshow's QuickCapture Video - January 24, , PM. Carrie. Age: 24. Wih me you will get nothing less than the best !!! Cum Inside a Woman (Page 1) #3. , PM. I remember reading somewhere that there are very few nerve endings inside the vagina which makes it impossible for a woman to feel the actual ejaculation. More likely they would feel the penis, and their partners other parts, convulsing and twitching as Romy noted. Think about you are having a sex. Guy inserts his penis to your vagina and start f*cking (go-come-go-come repeatly) and finally he ejeculates your vagina and if he didn't use a condom for his penis semens spread in your vagina:) What do you feel after guy ejeculation and spermas spreading inside your vagina?

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Beauty. Age: 19. 2h240e+ taxi Performance Insiders explain that whether or not a woman can actually feel a man ejaculate inside of her depends on various factors. The sensitivity of the nerve endings that are found in her vagina is one particular factor that contributes significantly to her ability to feel this. The position in which the woman and her partner. There is nothing like my BF cumming inside my vagina. I love the feel of his penis twitching as he shoots his loaod. The cum is nice and warm and when we are done it running down my leg makes me even more horny. It is a fantastic experience.I love when he comes in me. Just proves there is nothing. Jun 19, - So, for instance, even if ejaculating inside your body felt, physically, very good to your boyfriend, if it made you scared, nervous, uncomfortable or unhappy they can say a lot about how aroused we are, or how excited we got, so it's common to have our sexual partners get pretty jazzed about vaginal fluids.


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